About Sydney Croasmun

A long-time equestrian, Sydney's passion for photography started with horses. Borrowing friends' cameras to photograph jumping lessons at the local barn, she quickly fell in love with bringing out the beauty in each horse. As she got more and more into riding and competing, she learned more about what trainers and breeders really look for in a horse.

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When she met Fabuloso AF, her beloved Andalusian stallion, she fell in love with the Andalusian horse. A breed so beautiful, so noble and so flashy, and they flaunted it in front of the camera. Sydney competed with Fabluoso AF in Saddleseat, Western, Hunt Seat and Dressage, taking in every chance to learn a new discipline. They rode all the way up to the top youth pair in the United States - USEF Andalusian Youth Horse Of The Year and IALHA Youth Of The Year.

Come time to stand her own stallions, she realized there was a need for a photographer that understood marketability and unique traits of the breed. While show photos did pull weight, she paid close attention to the ones that got the most attention. Over the years, she has studied and perfected these images. Each stallion has a very distinct personality - it's what makes them that much more fun to ride. Sydney aims to capture that.


While photographing horses as a hobby, Sydney worked for a local news station as a photojournalist. Here, she learned to find moments that can really tell the story. From the record-breaking Thomas Fire, to LGBT+ rights protests, to a few homeless men receiving the keys to their new apartment, she has captured a very wide range of emotions and moments. These are some of the things that can be found in the 100s of images that she has published.