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THE STORY - Mr.Trippit's final day, 2015.

Pictured: Owner, Vicki (right) and her mother (left) take a minute to reflect on their life with Trip. Vicki and Trip grew up together. They did everything from jumping to gymkanah, to ponying race horse on the track. When Vicki had kids, they were riding him before they could even walk.

Trip played a huge role in my life too, being my first horse. He taught me to ride, took me to my first show, galloped down the trails and in his old age, walked down them bareback. His final day consisted of eating his favorite treats, grazing under his favorite oak tree and being surrounded with people that loved him. We told storied of his legendary mischievousness and the great times we had with him.

He was 26 when he came into my life and 32 when he left.

Mr.Trippit was an Oldie But Goodie.

Posted 8/21/2018